Regeneration using hot air for EN, GN and EXT trays.

MenüMobil expands the product line: in addition to contact and induction technology,
hot-air regeneration is now also available. The 5-star quality typical for MenüMobil
and an extra portion of innovative ideas make the system very persuasive.


MenüMobil AIRFLOW enables hot-air regeneration for EN, GN and Extended trays.
It is excellently suited to regenerate pre-portioned refrigerated food on trays, for later regeneration and for temperature maintenance of warm food on trays and in containers.
It also enables refrigerated food to be kept cold.




  • for hot-air container regeneration
  • for hot-air regeneration for Euronorm/Gastronorm/Extended trays

Greater flexibility due to a modular principle

The MenüMobil AIRFLOW model line is available in many different designs:


  • for EN/GN and Extended size trays
  • with or without a partition wall
  • for large, medium or small loading quantities

With the modular design principle the MenüMobil AIRFLOW quickly and easily adapts to the individual requirements in each case.


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