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Information about our InductLine

How does induction technology function?

Generators produce induction electricity which is conducted into the tray via electric coils. Electromagnetic waves discharge energy through friction which only acts on the specially coated china dishware. Soup and dinner are heated, whereas salad and dessert on the same tray remain chilled.

When does an integrated generator make more sense? When is an external generator better?
If you have a permanent location for your induction cart an external generator is advantageous: cart weight and height are thereby reduced, permitting easier handling. If the location changes, an integrated generator in the cart is the right solution. No more than a 230V outlet is necessary.
(Safeguard T 16 A)

How are induction carts cleaned?
Without any problem with hydraulic jets. The cleaning is utterly simple. The tray, i.e. spool carriers can be removed for thorough cleaning. If required, the carts can also be manufactured as compatible for automated cart-washing systems.

Can induction carts be individually programmed?
Adjustable power levels and heating times ensure optimum temperatures for all individual requirements.

Why are foods in induction carts kept hotter for longer?
Because the gentle energy flow prevents the foods from drying out or forming crusts.

How does Inductline help to improve kitchen efficiency?
You cook the foods when it is easiest, i.e. least expensive, for you. That way, you can turn your kitchen into a centralized kitchen and even supply other institutions.

What adaptions are necessary for an induction cart to switch from Cook & Serve to Cook & Chill or Cook & Freeze?
No more than a simple programming of the controls.

Why do chilled foods such as salad and dessert stay chilled while dinner is being heated?
Precise heating of hot foods in combination with insulated closure lids measurably reduces the outgoing radiation. In addition, cold foods are kept chilled with cooling lids. For cold dinners, cooling lids are also available. And all of it is without complex technology. The parts are stored in the freezer overnight and are set atop the cold components when portioning. Simple and effective!

Cook & Serve: how long does it take to heat up warm food?
About 12 - 15 minutes until the meal has attained optimum serving temperature.

Cook & Chill: how long does it take to regenerate chilled foods?
In about 30 to 35 minutes, you transform chilled foods to hot meals - silently and energy-efficiently.

Cook & Freeze: how long does it take to regenerate deep frozen foods?
In 45 to 50 minutes, even deep frozen foods are brought to their optimal eating temperature.

Can induction carts be used in all wards?
Safe and secure use of induction carts in "special wards" is ensured, e.g. cardiology, ICU. Of course all equipment is UL-approved.

What electrical outlets are required for these induction carts?
You have the choice: for all carts, both 230V and strong current (400V) can be used. That means, cost-intensive installation of strong current lines is unnecessary.

- Cart chassis of stainless steel 18/10
- IPX 5 jet stream protection
- Wing doors open 270° wide (and are stoppable)