Appetizing. Compact. Safe.
Your daily menu on the road to you.


reasons to decide on Inducook

Innovative induction technology
With Inducook, menus can be transported cold and regenerated on the spot by the consumer. Only the coated dishware components are heated, whereas salads and desserts remain chilled.

Portioning and distributing
Thanks to delivery of cold food in the proven thermo-insulated MenüMobil compact trays, composing menus is far simpler. The time window of portioning menus before they are eaten is significantly longer.

Simple handling
The well-conceived design is reduced to essentials to ensure optimum functionality. A remaining-time display, two control lamps and the auto-start function as soon as the tray is plugged in permit simplest handling. Settings can even be re-programmed via remote control in seconds by the delivery service.

Optimum results
The precise heating of foods satisfies preparers and consumers alike through maintained quality taste. The china dishware lends the menu additional visual attractiveness.