Success story “MenüMobil”

Within a period of 23 years, "MenüMobil Food Systems", the company founded and built by Josef Draxl, has developed what was originally a manufacturer of innovative meal transport boxes into a worldwide specialist for meal logistics and meal distribution.

“We see ourselves as an innovative problem solver for meal distribution in senior homes, hospitals and all external meal delivery (Meals-on-Wheels) and provide our clients with high quality and cost-saving meal distribution sysetms as well as professional advice from experienced staff members,” says company founder Josef Draxl.

Working closely with kitchen directors and users, the company developed a visually attractive and well-conceived system for Meals on Wheels. Nowadays  several hundred thousand users receive their meals daily in hygienically, reusable and high quality packaging sets. From this simple idea, a repertoire of products and systems evolved which has made MenüMobil to one of the most highly demanded partners for meal distribution in the world.

Also the MenüMobil Universal Tray has become a worldwide success, due to its multi-faceted use which has no competition. It offers, particularly for hospitals in developing countries where poor transport routes are the norm, an incomparably efficient solution for meal transport from kitchen to patient.

MenüMobil has also become a pioneer in induction technology. Already years ago, the first induction-heating tray transport carts came onto the market, developed under the aegis of the Tirolean specialists. Since then they have been in use in numerous hospitals and senior and nursing homes throughout Europe, in a wide variety of versions and models. “The exchange of experiences between kitchen, hospital and nursing care directors is a factor of central importance in our development. We want to drive our developments from daily use for daily use. That’s why we have had such success and so many constructive developments,” says the company chief.

MenüMobil inspired an extremely beneficial market development through introducing induction technology for external meal delivery, i.e. Meals on Wheels. Whereas it was previously nearly impossible for elderly and handicapped people to regenerate chilled meals without great effort after delivery, the MenüMobil Inducook system enables even the most severely handicapped persons to easily handle the meal and bring it hygienically to a perfect eating temperature.

Besides induction technology for keeping warm or regenerating chilled foods, hot air systems are often the alternative of choice. MenüMobil developed the "Airline" system of tray transport carts with integrated active cooling in compact and robust stainless steel construction. Two utterly separated insulated sections, chillable either on one side or both sides, prevent any exchange of warmth on the tray between hot and chilled sections.

The ‘little brother’ of this technology has also recently been introduced, visually attractive and perfect in function. Built completely of stainless steel, the Airline Buffet meal distribution cart dazzles with the latest chilling and hot air technology which can handle nearly any needs for the user due to individually programmable controls.